Net 30 Tradelines

What’s the process?

You will be approved for 4 Net 30 accounts which will help your business build trade credit. You are expected to pay your balance in full once received by the seller within 30 days after the goods are dispatched or service is completed. Keep in mind that if you do not make your payment on time, reporting will reflect that on your business credit profile. Also, as a rule of thumb try to pay your invoice within 21 days. This will ensure that your account payment is posted properly without ant delays.

How does it work?

You will pay $0 upfront for approvals but you be expected to provide a business EIN and contact information. This is a no PG approval. Once approved you will be sent an invoice for $50 from each company.  Your initial Net 30 tradelines will be between $5k and $10k for each company and after 3 purchases could increase up to $45K per company. This will give your business the right blend and utilization needed for funding.

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*If you  need aged lines contact us or click here for more details*