Why Are There Monthly Fees Credit Repair?

why credit repair companies charge a monthly fee

The Answer to the question first and foremost you need to understand that credit repair companies should only charge you after they have disputed on your behalf. For example, your company should do the work first then charge you 30 days after for services rendered. By now you should know that most credit repair companies, usually charge an account set-up or activation fee up front. These fees can range anywhere from $100 or more. In addition many credit repair companies charge a flat rate or one-time fee. Keep in mind a credit sweep is NEVER GOING TO TAKE 30 DAYS OR LESS because there are so many variables with each individual credit profile.

Now to the meat of things. I know you guys have been waiting for this and yes; there’s a fine line between being proactive and getting on the credit bureaus “nerves.” That’s the reason why a good credit repair company should never send more than 5 dispute items to a credit bureau within a 30 day period. It’s not because they just want to milk you for money but because if they send more disputes, they put your at risk of being labeled “frivolous” (which is not pleasant, trust me).

The largest credit repair company’s in the country only disputes 2-3 items per month. This will give the best success rate.

You know what they say “A Happy Client is Your Best Client!” You better believe it and thanks for reading.




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