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Attention: Real Estate Agents, Car Salesmen, Loan Brokers, ECT..

It’s time to put money in your pocket instead of it walking out the door!

If you’re looking to build rapport with your customers and want an aggressive credit repair solution to help turn more loans for you and your company, or you’re simply interested in making money on referring business then look no further.

• Fact: Approximatley 75% of the U.S. market is in need of credit improvement.

• Fact: Four out of Five consumer’s credit reports contain erroneous information, derogatory items, and removable blemishes, prohibiting them from getting a car, house, or even some jobs.

• Fact: Credit reporting agencies get paid to place information on credit reports…NOT TAKE IT OFF!


You come across people everyday that could use our help. Tap into a new and profitable income stream!

FICO Pump caters to our Affiliates. With our dramatic results, proprietary tracking portals and assignment of a dedicated Agent, you’ll wonder what you did without us! FICO Pump has one of the highest fix/delete ratios in the industry with an average rate of over 47% fix/deletions within 45 days!

Unlike many other companies, FICO Pump does not purposely prolong the length of time clients are with us by limiting disputes, such as 3 to 5 a month per credit repository. We do everything it takes to improve the client’s credit and maximize results as fast as possible.

• Fact: It is 100% legal to have your credit repaired.

• Fact: It is not mandatory for creditors to report derogatory information for 7-10 years, or indefinitely. The law states that the listing may appear “no longer than” or “up to” seven years.

• Fact: Increasing credit scores will lower monthly payments, annual interest rates, and save consumers thousands of dollars yearly!

• Fact: The Credit Repair Agents are well respected within the industry; in fact, companies from across the nation hire us to handle their processing for them!