Affiliate Program Overview

Do you like networking and helping people?

If you answered yes, then become a Credit Repair Affiliate with the FICO Pump Team and help boost your client’s credit scores. All you have to do is, refer your credit-challenged clients to us. There’s no selling involved and we will do all of the work for you. You can also track their progress in your Affiliate Login Portal.  When your client logs into our web portal, the first thing they will see is your photo and contact information as a reminder of their goal and the professional who referred them to us! Just Fill Out The Form Below.

*This Opportunity is great for our current or former, mortgage agents, real estate brokers, tax professionals, attorneys, auto dealers or professionals in any industry that is dependent upon clients with good credit.*

Our Affiliate Program pays you for each person that you enroll!

Our credit repair affiliate program rewards those who like to help others and can send us more business. The credit repair program is Pay Per Delete and you are paid $5 when we send out your client’s dispute letters.

We offer your clients an agency styled platform, client dashboard, and a free program which makes it easy to convert your leads into paying customers. More conversions mean more affiliate payouts for you.

Affiliate Program Qualifications:

  1. Must be able to prove traffic source (website, social or word of mouth)
  2. Must maintain a minimum of 5 referrals per week

Affiliate Program Rules:

  1. Do not send messages via email
  2. Do not SPAM
  3. Do not create any misleading advertisement
  4. Do not try to sell the services (we will do that)

*Keep in mind that you cannot earn an affiliate commission on your own account. If the client cancels within 7 days or refunds issued then the commission is not earned. All marketing content & media must be approved or commissions will be forfeit. Use of company logos and/or website content is forbidden without prior authorization*

As an added bonus:

  • $5 when your referral signs up for credit monitoring with
  • $5 when your referral signs up for FICO Pump Pay Per Delete Services.
  • $1 Per Tier 1 Deletion
  • $10 Per Tier 2 Deletion
  • $15 Per Tier 3 Deletion

All commissions are paid on the 1st and 15th of each month and you must have a completed W-9 before commissions will be paid out. W-9 can be downloaded here