5 Reasons You Got Denied Business Credit

#1. You don’t have a Business email address

Underwriters look at the credibility of your business and you should be able to afford a business email address for around $free to $5.00 a month. Why? because underwriters want to contact the business, not an individual.

#2. You don’t have a Business location

It’s great to start a business but underwriters will not take your business seriously if you do not have a business location that is separate from your home address. Why? because this is usually a sign that you have made it, that money is being generated and your company can stand on it’s on.

#3. You don’t have a Business website

Nowadays you can create a really nice website for less than $1,000. Twenty years ago to get business website would have cost you a pretty penny. This is why underwriters look for you to have at least a basic 3-page website that includes contact information, an about section, and what you offer.

#4. You don’t have a Business phone number

Your cell phone or land line is great but a real business does not operate by using a personal home or cell phone. Why because underwriters check the 411 directories to see if the number is properly listed.

#5. Local Business Citations

If your business is not registered in the local business citation; underwriters view your business as though your company does not exist.

These are just a few basics that your company needs to do and if that’s not the cause you can rest assured knowing that your company will not be approved.

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